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Discover our seasonal coffees, with their unique aromatic profiles, carefully roasted and sourced, which is what we strive to offer you as the harvest progresses.

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We've all asked ourselves the same question at some point, and finding yourself alone in front of a display of coffees, each with a more implausible name than the last, can quickly become disarming. The information on the packaging can help you make your choice:

Choose freshly roasted coffee beans with the roasting date shown on the packet. In fact, once roasted, coffee retains its organoleptic qualities (taste and smell) for only 4 to 6 weeks if stored in the right conditions (dry and away from light).

Choose a coffee with good traceability, grown with care on a specific terroir. You'll be able to take full advantage of its typicality and extract a full-flavored coffee.

Often proudly indicated on labels, the type of process can be a decisive argument in the selection of your coffee. If you're looking for clarity and lightness, then you should consider washed coffees. In comparison, natural coffees often have more body and a sweeter flavor. Opt for "honey" coffees for something in between.

Depending on the final cup you want to obtain, choose a more or less advanced roast: a gentle roast (with light brown coffee beans) is particularly suitable for slow extractions with filters (gentle methods, or slow coffee). The finer roasting allows it to preserve the typicity of the beans by developing fresher and more acidic notes. For espresso, on the other hand, prefer a darker roast for a richer and more balanced coffee.


Each coffee has its own organoleptic characteristics, which depend on the variety, its terroir of origin, the process used, the roasting, the extraction method, etc. While they all taste and smell like coffee, there are about 800 different aromas that characterize coffee, which is more than wine! To help you choose your coffee, we describe coffees according to certain criteria such as acidity, bitterness, body, sweetness and aromas. If you have any doubts, write to us at contact@minifundi.coffeeor come and enjoy a coffee with us!

We strive to offer you fresh, seasonal coffees, which we roast in small quantities until the batches are exhausted. Once they run out, these batches are replaced by new harvests and you may not find your coffee in our new selection. In this case, we will be able to introduce you to another drink that corresponds to your taste and perhaps introduce you to a new origin. For advice, send us an e-mail at contact@minifundi.coffee!