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While the choice of coffee beans is obviously a determining factor in the quality of your coffee, the equipment used also plays a decisive role in the final result of your beverage. 


There are several methods of coffee extraction, and your choice of machine depends on the type of beverage you prefer.

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A number of factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right espresso equipment for you, such as the type of beverage you want, ergonomics, available space, and of course your budget... Once you've identified these criteria, here are the questions to ask yourself before choosing your espresso machine:

  • Should I choose a fully automatic or manual coffee machine?
  • Should I choose a machine with or without a grinder?


Automatic machines are designed for ease of use and versatility in the preparation of different types of coffee.

Most machines are equipped with a built-in grinder. This means you can grind the coffee beans just before brewing, guaranteeing maximum freshness of the grind. You can also program parameters such as coffee quantity, strength, water temperature and brew length. This makes it easy to personalize your cup of coffee to your own preferences. Once the parameters have been set, the machine takes care of the coffee extraction process. Although equipped with steam nozzles, these machines can also benefit from automated milk beverages.

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Semi-automatic manual espresso machines offer a good balance between automation and manual control, allowing you to personalize your coffee-making experience while benefiting from some assistance in the process. You can manually adjust the extraction time, the coffee dose, the amount of water used and the fineness of your grind. This allows you to personalize each cup of coffee to your exact preferences. With this type of equipment, you can experiment with different preparation parameters to achieve the optimum flavor profile. You can adjust each variable to discover new nuances and flavor profiles in your coffee.

They are equipped with a steam nozzle to heat and froth milk, enabling you to prepare cappuccinos, lattes and other milky drinks.

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Our coffee machines are available with or without an integrated grinder. A coffee machine without a grinder allows you to choose your own grinder on which you can fine-tune the grind, or to use ground coffee as required, although we strongly recommend using ground coffee on demand.

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A good coffee grinder is one that delivers a precise, even grind, adapted to the extraction method chosen (a coarser grind for mild methods, a finer grind for espressos). We advise you to choose a grinder with wheels (not blades), which grind the coffee beans to a regular grind. We offer a range of quality coffee grinders, both manual and electric, with different settings to produce the coffee you want.

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